When it comes to leaving school you can then start to consider your next steps – but what options do post 16 year old’s have?

Full time education:

Staying full-time education is a popular option which includes sixth form college, leading onto further education opportunities at University level.
Your local authority has a duty to make sure you are offered a suitable place by the end of September. This is known as the September Guarantee. Contact your local authority for information on who can help find you a suitable offer.

You will have a large range of subjects that lead to qualifications that keep your options open, such as A Levels or BTEC courses, which allow you to focus on a chosen career path. Some careers may ask for specific qualifications, so always make sure you do some research into where the course you are interested in might lead to. Our programmes support school leavers to progress onto an apprenticeship, employment in their chosen career or onto further education. We have various training centres in the West Midlands that provide these opportunities.


Starting an apprenticeship or traineeship can help you down your chosen career path – providing you with qualifications whilst gaining on the job work experience.
Juniper Training offer a range of training solutions, especially designed for careers in roofing/bricklaying, childcare, customer service, plus health and social care.

Other opportunities also include looking at what work and study options will be available to you at 18. You could also consider volunteering to strengthen your job and study opportunities in the future.


Exam retakes are also an option and Juniper Training has training solutions that can provide this opportunity to better your original grades.