It’s known that students can feel exam stress from the uncertainty of preparing. Students might feel as though they’re told to revise, but not really sure of the different options as to what would work best for them.

Everyone’s revision techniques are different, and that’s completely fine, some might be very visual learners, whereas others retain information through audio. Don’t be afraid to ask your teachers and tutors for different revision techniques, as chances are you aren’t alone in needing them.
Here are a link of different revision techniques 

Exam stress also contributes towards mental health struggles. To eliminate stress and anxiety as much as possible, try to implement different revision methods until you find some/one that works for you. However, you are not alone in becoming overwhelmed by exam stress. There are a number of organisations who are more than happy to speak with you and help ease some stress:
• Young Minds – Exam Stress
• YoungMinds Crisis Messenger – FREE 24/7 crisis support in the UK. Text YM to 85258
• Samaritans – FREE phone call to 116 123

A problem shared is a problem halved (that’s actually a scientific fact!).