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Career Pathways

What are the post 16 options for your son/daughter after year 11 (aged 16 -18)?

Now that your son/daughter has completed year 11, and is aged 16 to 18, the time has come for them to decide what career path to embark on next.

Some parents and young people are surprised at the number of options that are available; these include:

  • Juniper’s full time courses
  • Full-time school sixth form
  • Full-time college course
  • An Apprenticeship
  • A job, self-employment or volunteering (for 20 hours or more a week) alongside part time education or training
  • Other full-time training courses (e.g. Study Programme and Traineeship)
Kane Crammond

Kane Crammond

Kane talks about his experience at Juniper Walsall Centre

“During my time at Juniper, I loved every moment of it. I met some amazing friends and staff couldn’t have been better. I went into my dream college doing my dream course thanks to Juniper.”

Kane Crammond is now studying Animal care at Rodbaston College.

Learning Environments

When discussing the most suitable route with your son/daughter, it’s important for you all to think about how he or she learns best.  For example does he/she learn better in a more practical environment rather than a classroom, does he or she know what occupational sector they would be interested in progressing in to, does he or she want to progress into a job as quickly as possible, does he or she need more support with confidence and self-esteem, does he or she need work experience in the sector of interest to ensure progression.

Visit a Centre

It’s more than just a course decision; it’s what suits your son/daughter the best.  We promote both young people and parents visiting a Juniper centre to meet the staff, meet other students and get a feel for the place.

Raising the Participation Age

Back in 2013 the Government raised the participation age (RPA), to which all young people in England are required to continue in education or training.  Young people have to continue in one of the above routes until at least their 18th birthday.  These changes were brought about to significantly increase the prospects for future employment and the amount young people are likely to earn over their lifetime.  Our courses are RPA compliant.


Whilst on a Juniper course your son/daughter may be eligible to receive a bursary of up to £40 per week (subject to conditions), which can be used to cover transport costs and lunch.  In addition there is the possibility of accessing additional funding for meal vouchers, interview clothing and personal protective equipment (PPE) needed for work.  Child Benefits and working tax credits can continue to be claimed.

Quality Work Experience and Progression Promise

Our courses provide quality work experience in companies such as Shoe Zone, Mr Tyre and Mt Globex, personal and social development including confidence building, working in teams and communication.  Parent involvement is promoted and we like to keep you informed on your sons/daughters progress through regular contact, parents evenings and celebrating success events.

We also have our Progression Promise which is our commitment to do everything possible to progress every student that completes the course.

I would like to congratulate your service and show my gratitude. Juniper Wednesbury were holding an Information Stand at the 6th Form College (The Public) and I must say that as a parent with concerns over my daughter’s future I was very impressed with the information and guidance I myself received and a quick response my daughter also received from the Juniper staff offering an appointment.

The Juniper staff gave reassurance and I thought what lovely personalities they both had and I’m pretty sure young people would feel able to engage with these really approachable members of staff.  My daughter struggles with communication barriers but I’m sure she will be able to talk to them without feeling anxious or belittled.

So I thought it would be nice to give some praise.  I look forward to speaking with them again in joint support of my daughter.

Louise Bradbury


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