Rydale Roofing has signed a partnership with a training company, which will give young people a pathway into the trade.

With a maturing workforce, roofing is confronting a lack of skilled workers, simultaneously, there’s no conventional pathway for school leavers to begin a vocation in the industry.

Be that as it may, Silverdale-based Rydale Roofing has united with Juniper Training to dispatch the Building Futures, Stoke-on-Trent Roofing Hub.

The pathway – just the second to be dispatched in the West Midlands – is hoping it will make openings for work for adolescents at Rydale Roofing, yet with building organisations across North Staffordshire and further afield.

Rydale Roofing’s chiefs, Mick and Julie Mirowski are approaching roofing and building organisations to get the to enroll for a basic online course on Wednesday, 7 October, at 10.30am.

Julie said: “The Roofing Hub will give 16-year-olds an introduction to a trade. Rydale Roofing, working with Juniper Training, will give trainees taster sessions in skills, such as slating and tiling, fitting waterproof membranes, sheeting and cladding, manual handling and working at heights.

“They will work with us for 24 weeks, both out on the job and in our training room at Rydale Roofing on the Silverdale Business Park. The first cohort is expected to start in January and, by the end of their time with us, which will include site visits to other local companies, they will have worked towards their CSCS site card.”

Julie continued: “We think this new scheme is ideal for both construction companies and young people looking for work. The trade needs an influx of young roofers and there’s work available, even at a time when the economy is slumping due to the impact of COVID-19.

“Once they have completed the course with the Roofing Hub, trainees will be in a fantastic position to go on to complete apprenticeships with companies in North Staffordshire. The hub will produce new workers for Rydale Roofing, but also for several other companies. The whole trade in our area can benefit from this.”

As of now, there is a £1,000 motivator from the Government for organisations who take on apprentices and for any individual who pays into the Construction Industry Training Board levy, they can guarantee up to £7,000 for a student.

Juniper Training has run a fruitful plan with the SPV Group, a building and roofing organisation situated in Walsall.

To book your place on the webinar, which is occurring on 7 October, contact Lisa Jenkins by calling 07923 209239 or by messaging lisa.jenkins@junipertraining.co.uk.