Recent research into looking at what 16 year old’s chose to do when they leave school revealed that 64% felt pressured into going to college and then university by their school teachers, and a further 41% felt pressured by their parents to continue on the same path!

Over half of the UK’s 18 year olds felt that they weren’t given a full range of options which are available in the lead up to leaving school. When school leavers who had undertaken apprenticeships were asked about their options over three-quarters of them felt that they made the right choice. are the team behind this recent survey which was part of an ongoing study into apprenticeships ahead of National Apprenticeship Week. Out of the 2,846 school leavers that were polled, 1,403 of them stated that they had gone on to complete an apprenticeship.
30% of the 1,443 respondents who didn’t do an apprenticeship revealed that they had been to, or were currently at university. Those that never attended university gave the following reasons for not doing so – “I was put off by the cost” (32%), “I didn’t need to for the job I wanted’ (23%)” and “I wanted to start earning money straight after school” (21%).

When questioned on their options whilst still at school, it was found that 53% of them felt that they were never told what their full range of options was for when they left school.
So in order to find out more about the experiences of the apprentices, those that had done an apprenticeship were asked a series of questions. It was found that 22% of these had dropped out of sixth form or college to undertake an apprenticeship. When asked about their choice to undertake an apprenticeship, over three-quarters of respondents (77%) said that they felt that they made the right decision.