Lesley Holland – Managing Director

Lesley has worked for Juniper since early 2002, and has undertaken a variety of roles within that time.  She has been Managing Director since 2015, having previously been Director and prior to that Head of HR & Business Improvement.

Lesley is passionate about vocational learning, and strongly believes in its’ value as a credible alternative to academic learning.  Upon leaving school, she undertook a YTS (Youth Training Scheme, for those of you too young to remember) programme and went on to work for several years in various financial roles (accounts, finance and credit control).  She pursued qualifications via a combination of work-based learning, college and university, culminating in a master’s degree 20+ years after leaving school.

Lesley heads up Juniper’s Senior Management Team and her vision is to ensure all Juniper’s learners experience outstanding teaching & learning and exceed their potential.  She feels strongly about being able to positively impact the local community; by helping to tackle unemployment, improve social mobility, support local businesses and by being an excellent employer.

When not working, Lesley enjoys travelling, particularly to South East Asia, and regularly attends (rather than enjoys!) her local gym.